Gluten Free Sourdough Bread

This bread is optimized for digestibility and is free of fillers. While a bit of a geeky process, it’s worth every bite: a perfect crust and a rich, slightly sweet crumb.

Belgian Veggie Mash

Both in the Netherlands and Belgium mashed potatoes with leafy greens are a traditional comfort food in winter. I love this slightly sweet and sour version with pumpkin and buttermilk.

Lamb Liver & Apple Pâté

Liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods and pâté an excellent way to incorporate it regularly. This recipe is an extra mild version, perfect for everyone who is struggling with the taste of liver.


Sauerkraut is probably the easiest, cheapest and most fool-proof way to add probiotic vegetables to your diet. All it takes is cabbage, salt and a bit of time for these components to ferment.


Ghee is an ancient cooking fat used all over the world. This nutrient dense, clarified butter is extremely delicious and often tolerated by people with dairy sensitivities. No more than 5 min prep time.

Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad

So easy and so good: Brussels sprouts shaved and roasted become a whole different experience compared to their boiled or steamed counterparts. Easily made in advance and excellent as lunch to go.

Green Sauce – Cilantro

Herbs are a powerhouse of phytonutrients and have strong antioxidant properties. “Green sauce” is an excellent way to pack in as many herbs as possible and it’s a true taste enhancer for stews, soups or roasts.

Lemon Salmon Soup

Ceviche inspired marinated salmon cubes are the perfect addition to this hearty winter veggie soup. Make it in bulk, freeze a part and enjoy regularly for optimal omega-3 intake.

Bone Broth

The foundation of French culinary arts. An ancient preparation practiced all over the world. Highly praised for its collagen-content and its gut-healing properties. Best when homemade.

Winter Salsa Romesco

A winter adaptation of the Catalan romesco sauce: the perfect addition to any charred vegetables: Try with burnt leeks. Try with burnt leeks and enjoy as a (quite messy) family or party appetizer.